Safety and Equipment:

1. All shooters must adhere to the basic rules of firearms handling first and foremost.

Any shooter acting in an unsafe manner or using unsafe practices will be

immediately disqualified and entry fee forfeited. Also, any shooter failing to

report an observed unsafe act will be subject to immediate disqualification. The

Range Master and Range Officers will make the final determination if an unsafe

act will result in a disqualification and may also define what constitutes an

“unsafe act.”

2. Every attendee on the range will be required to fill out a waiver form. Each

attendee on the range will be required to present identification to any Range

Officer or Range Master if asked to do so. ALL persons on the range must have

on at all times, an ID wrist band which will be provided upon entry to the range.

Any person found on the range without proper identification will be removed

from the range and banned from re-entry.

3. There will be no handling of firearms besides the current shooter and the shooter

on deck. Rifles are to be left on the ground, with the action open, magazine

removed if applicable while waiting to shoot. If a rifle needs to be inspected due

to malfunction, the shooter must notify a Range Officer prior to handling the


4. Rifles are to remain unloaded with the action visibly open with the safety engaged

at all times with the exception of the current shooter, who may only load when

given a command by a Range Officer.

5. When approaching the firing line or on deck waiting to shoot, rifles must have the

muzzle pointed downrange. DO NOT cover any person with your muzzle!

6. Proper ear and eye protection must be worn at all times.

7. No person shall be in front or around the firing line besides the shooter.

8. No alcohol will be consumed the day of the competition until the competition is

complete. There will be no alcohol on the range at any time. Any participant in the

event suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified

immediately from the event and their entry fee will be forfeited. Participants in

the event may be required to undergo sobriety tests if there is any suspicion of

being under the influence.

9. Shooters must handle themselves in a courteous and professional manner at all


10. Rifles permitted are center fire cartridge with a velocity not exceeding 3200 fps,

and chambered in .30 caliber or smaller with a minimum of .22 caliber. Rifles will

be in proper, safe working condition. Range Officers and Range Master will have

the discretion to disqualify a rifle from competition due to safety concerns. Only

one rifle will be used in the competition (exceptions will be made for rifles that

are mechanically broken, scope broken, etc.)

11. No FMJ bullets, steel penetrators, etc. Bullets allowed will be soft point, hollow

point, or plastic tipped.

12. If at any time any person, no matter who, says STOP, RED LIGHT, or any other

command that raises alarm, the range will immediately freeze and guns will be

unloaded and made safe.

13. General load out but not required.  Range finder, bipod, proper clothing, water, snacks, knee/elbow protection, sling, sunscreen, wind meter, ballistic calculator, mil-dot master, range cards, pen/pencil, back pack, spotting scope, shooting bag or bags eye/ear protection (required),